Submission Information


If you are interested in having me review one of your books, you may contact me at: writingwhat (at) gmail (dot) com. If you don't hear from me in a timely manner, please either try again or try contacting me through Facebook or something. I've had instances where I've discovered an overlooked email in my spam folder months later (yes, I'm horrible about checking my spam folder - I always forget to do that.)

I cross-post all reviews to Goodreads, Amazon and Barnes & Noble (as long as your book is listed on all the sites, obviously). I also post links to the blog review to my Facebook page and my Twitter Feed. 

I download all books to my Nook to read, so I need either a .pdf file or (preferably) an .epub file.
  • A .pdf file works if that's the only thing you have available. I've just had ARC's in .pdf format that have been extremely slow to turn the pages, mostly because of the "ARC" watermark in the background I think.
I also now have a Kindle, so that is also an option. If that is the option you prefer and you're interested in a device-to-device transfer, contact me for my Kindle email. 

I also need a small graphic of the cover and a copy of the blurb to include with the review.

If the book is for charity, please include any and all information that you would like to be included in the review.

Most of my requests, so far, have been various forms of romance but I am open to other genres. (I especially enjoy a good horror or suspense now and then.)

I can't usually guarantee how quickly I can get to it. I do have a family, a regular job and a life away from the computer and reading. I try to get to them as quickly as I can.

Once a review is posted, I will contact you with the link to let you know that it has been posted. Feel free to list the link wherever you like but please don't re-post my review in its entirety, or any part thereof, without obtaining my permission first.

Thanks! I look forward to reading any and all books!