Friday, July 22, 2011

Coming Home by Anna James

My Rating: 4 1/2 Stars

Title: Coming Home

Author: Anna James

Publisher: Mélange Books LLC
      Cover Art: Caroline Andrus

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 135 Pages


Two years ago, Christine Kincaid found her sister, Andrea, in the arms of her fiancé, James Buchanan. This after Andrea confessed to having an affair with James and being pregnant with his child. Distraught and wanting to escape the pain of James 's betrayal, Christine fled her home, just outside of Washington D.C., to London, England, her birthplace.

As startling details of her parents' tragic romance come to light, Christine now suspects she was deceived by Andrea and is determined to return home and win James back. Only James seems to hate her now. She'd known that it wouldn't be easy. She'd hurt him deeply by leaving. But she believed that somehow he'd forgive her and they would finally be together. Why did he have such a bad opinion of her? And what was she going to do to make him see that he was wrong? 


Ever had a misunderstanding with your significant other that was so huge you thought you would never get past it - that you had to really struggle to overcome? That sums up the gist of Coming Home. A huge misunderstanding, life changing revelations and overcoming major obstacles, with an element of Cinderella in it.

I really enjoyed this story. The author managed to pack a lot into 135 pages and the pacing was perfect. Christine and James come alive on the pages, as do most of the secondary characters. James is a sexy business man and Christine is a determined, independent woman. Both are very stubborn. Ms. James did an excellent job with these characters. Business men are not usually my type. Give me a cowboy over a man in a suit any day. I usually like my men rough and rugged. For me to say that James, as a business man always in suits, is sexy says a lot.

I do wish we could have gotten a bit more of a taste of the evil step-mother. We get to know (and loathe) her quite well through back-story but she only has a brief cameo appearance in the present chain of events. I think seeing her in action would have been a lot of fun. That said, Christine handles herself beautifully in the situation where we finally meet the step-mother and Christine's sister.

The interactions and reactions of the characters among each other is very realistic. I could totally see me or someone I know having the same reactions to things. I did think some things between the parents were rushed a bit. I can't say much more than that without giving something away, so I'll just leave it at that.

The only complaint I could really give about this book would be that the beginning was just a little confusing until you really understand what is going on. It was not enough to make me even think about putting it down though.

Overall, a great read and worth the time and money to invest in this one. There is some mild (but steamy) sex but nothing graphic. This is a great story of true love conquering all without being cheesy. A great first read for this author.


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  1. There's nothing better than characters with whom I can relate as a reader. I enjoy stories so much more when I find myself thinking I'd do the same thing a character did, or react the same way. Thanks so much for sharing this story through your review. I have to admit I'm intrigued as to what the hidden truth might have been!