Friday, January 27, 2012

Deal With The Devil (Part Two) by J. Gunnar Grey

Rating: 5 Stars 

Title:  Deal With The Devil (Part 2)

Author:  J. Gunnar Grey

Publisher: Astraea Press
      Cover Art: Elaina Lee

Genre:  Historical Fiction

Length: 206 Pages


Wehrmacht Major Faust has a dangerous secret: he likes England. But it’s May 1940 and his Panzers are blasting the British Army off Dunkirk’s beach, so he keeps his mouth shut even though it hurts. When the Waffen SS try to murder their English prisoners of war, Faust helps the POWs escape. Now it’s treason, with his neck on the line.

Then a friend gets him drunk, straps him into a parachute, and throws him out over Oxford during a bombing run. He’s quickly caught. Because he helped type the battle plan for the invasion of England, Faust cannot allow himself to be broken in interrogation. Two German armies depend on it. But every time he escapes, someone rapes and murders a woman and the English are looking for someone to hang. He’s risking disaster if he stays, someone else’s life if he runs, and execution by the Gestapo if he makes it home.

Major Stoner, professor turned British intelligence officer, sees three possibilities. Faust perhaps was joyriding in that bomber, as he claims. Or he’s on a reconnaissance mission for the German invasion. Or he’s a spy. Stoner must break Faust to learn the truth, no matter how it strains his old heart. He must save England, and his granddaughter.

Their battlefield is confined to a desktop. Only one of them can win. Someone must break. Someone must make a Deal with the Devil.


If you haven't read my review of Deal with the Devil, Part One, you can read it here

To be honest, there's not a lot that I can add to the review of Part Two about the quality or style of writing. It is still, very obviously, extremely well written and well researched. The characters, once again, grabbed me and drew me in. The suspense still kept me on the edge of my seat. The intellect behind the verbal sparring of Faust and Stoner is still intriguing and mind boggling, especially if you think about all the consequences and things that need to be considered before they utter a single word to each other. The growing interest between Faust and Jennifer, Stoner's granddaughter, becomes more and more interesting throughout the book.

The suspense builds as the story continues to unfold. The question of who is committing the murders continues to plague the small community culminating in a fast paced, action packed series of events with twists and turns galore. The two detectives made me think of the famous duo of Holmes and Watson and made me smile. I was, naturally, trying to solve the mystery before I learned who it was through the book along with our two detectives. Usually, in most books and movies, I can figure out who it is before the big reveal. This one kept me guessing all the way through!

I definitely enjoyed my trip back to the world war two era, which surprises me since it's not an era I have ever really been interested in. I love books where I can learn things that I didn't know before and these two books certainly accomplished that. They kept me entertained, on the edge of my seat and trying to figure out what was going to happen before it happened. If you enjoy these types of books, I would definitely encourage you to check them out. 



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