Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rating: 5 Stars 

Title:  Ghost Island

Author:  Bonnie Hearn Hill

Publisher: Black Opal Books 

     Cover Art: Black Opal Books

Genre:  Young Adult Paranormal

Length: 193 Pages 


Is Aaron a dream or something much more deadly?

Livia Hinson has just begun a Seminar at Sea when a storm hits their yacht. Now, she is stranded with the other students on an island off the coast of California. Far away from her foster home and her heartbreak, Livia finds Aaron, the perfect love. But the only way they can be together is in her dreams.

The other students are having tempting dreams of their own, and Livia begins to realize that the storm has blown in more than rain. Is Aaron flesh or spirit? Can he come to her world, or will he pull her into his? Together, they explore the blurred territory between love and illusion on a dangerous journey that will force Livia to make the most important decision of her life.


A great late night, spooky read - preferably with the lights out. Ghost Island starts out detailing a trip a bunch of students are about to embark on as they participate in a "Seminar at Sea" but end up on an island to wait out a storm. It reminds me a lot of the books I used to read as a teenager by Christopher Pike, where the lines of reality are blurred and you can never tell what is real and what isn't. 

Livia seems to be a pretty average teenage girl that has had a hard time recently. Her mom has disappeared, her dad has been accused of murdering her, she's been in foster care and her boyfriend has broken up with her. Not the easiest few months for a teenage girl. When a teacher offers her a chance to attend a "Seminar at Sea" for the summer, she sees her chance to escape her life for a few weeks.

Unfortunately, before they can begin their trip they get stranded on an island to wait out a storm, but strange things begin to happen. Nothing is what it seems, dreams are strangely real and some of the other kids are....different when they wake up.

I loved the mystery and suspense of this story. It's one of those delicious plots where nothing is what it seems and when you think you have figured out what or who is real, there is a twist that leaves you digging back in. The characters were typical teenagers and well portrayed. Livia was very likeable but most of the others left me realistically equally liking and disliking them.The only thing that left me a little perplexed, and was never really explained by the end, was the complete about face of one character's behavior.

The ending was left open enough with some of the characters that it leaves you with a few questions. A possible sequel? I'm not sure. There are enough questions left with the characters that it's possible, but I'm not sure where the plot would go. It would be fun to find out though. Definitely worth checking out.

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