Monday, July 11, 2016

Make Me Stay by M.E. Gordon - NOW LIVE!!!

Make Me Stay
by M.E. Gordon





Black Opal Books:
Caroline: When someone says “make me stay” in the most dramatic, love sick kind of way, most people think it sounds desperate, weak or needy. I for one think it sounds like all of the above!  I’m not stupid and I sure as heck am not desperate.  In fact, I’m the complete opposite of weak, I’ve lived my life with a steel trap around my heart and I don’t need anyone – especially a man. So how in the hell did a wannabe rock star get me to say those three words…make me stay?

Kane: One woman man? You’ve got to be joking. I was a rock god … in a bar… in a small town … eh, details. I was getting women like I was their gift from God. I was going to make it big; my band and I were going to bust out of small town USA and we were going to knock the panties off every woman in sight. So, when I caught some sexy groupie touching my baby… my beautiful guitar.  Did I want to test those waters? Hell yes! But did I want to be a one woman man? Hell no! But after that all I knew was that I wanted to make her stay.

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We had everything together. How could she leave all that behind…leave me? 

I ran through the parking garage, after parking my truck in the first spot I saw. It might have been a handicapped spot. I wasn’t really sure and, right then, I didn’t give a fuck. I bought a ticket so I could get back to the gates. I was rounding the corner when I heard them announce the flight that I knew Kitty was getting on.
I got to the gate, scanning all over but it was nearly empty, the sign above the doorway that lead to the plane was flashing last call. I went to make my way down to the plane, but the ticket lady stopped me. When I looked down the walkway, there at the bottom was Caroline. The large woman still blocking my path, I called to her, “Caroline!”
“Sir, you can’t go down there without a proper ticket,” the pudgy woman said, taking another step forward to block me.
“I need to get down there!” I said frantically.
“I’m sorry but, no ticket, no plane.”
What a bitch.
“Caroline!” I yelled, again.
Kitty stood there, a slight hesitation in her body that I had come to know so well, staring at me. I could have sworn she was going to run back, run to me—that is, until she lifted her chin, fixed the bag on her shoulder, and walked away, taking with her what was left of my heart ©M.E.Gordon.2016


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