Friday, June 24, 2011

Making Waves by Nell Dixon

My Rating: 4 Stars

Title: Making Waves

Author: Nell Dixon

Publisher: Astraea Press
      Cover Art: Elaina Lee

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 46 Pages


Cassidy Jones needs a holiday and her friend's cottage in New Bay sounds perfect. The beach could heal the bruises from losing her job and her fiancé. Perfect for some time alone to gather her thoughts and heal her broken heart.

Josh Parker is also looking forward to a much needed break after eighteen months of non-stop work. His out-of-town friend offers her cottage, and Josh thinks it would be just right for some time to let his hair down and revive his social life with his old surf buddies.

One cottage, two unsuspecting occupants; a recipe for romance or disaster? 


When a mix-up accidentally has a mutual friend loaning her beach front cottage to two friends at the same time, Cassidy and Josh have to figure out how to tolerate each other for the duration of their vacation. The problem is, Cassidy is there to recover from her broken engagement and wants nothing more than to be alone so she can wallow in the shambles that she thinks her life has become. Josh, on the other hand, is on his first vacation in a year and a half after working his tail off to get a new business up and running. He wants nothing more than to party it up and have a good time with his old friends.

The author does a great job at describing the setting of a little coastal resort town, which made me wish I could visit the beach. She also does a great job describing, most especially, Cassidy's emotions as she deals with her broken engagement as the day of her canceled wedding arrives and passes. There isn't a lot of time for character development, but you manage to get a feel for the characters personalities even within the short pages of the story. The romance develops quickly, but in a believable way, as both characters evaluate their lives and themselves, coming to certain realizations.

Making Waves is a very sweet, quick read. If you are looking for something to read that you can finish while waiting for an appointment or taking a break from something you should check this one out. It took me about an hour to read it and it was an enjoyable way to pass the time.


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  1. just reading the REVIEW makes me want to visit the beach...