Thursday, March 31, 2016

Unlawful Justice by KC Lynn and K Langston on sale for .99c.

For the first and ONLY time ever, KC Lynn and K Langston have put Unlawful Justice on sale for .99c. 

They are also giving away a paperback copy of Unlawful Justice on both of their Facebook pages as well. 

Facebook Pages: 


Seek the truth and you will find justice.
The peaceful town of Harmony Falls, Texas, has been rocked to its core by an unspeakable crime. 
One that harbors revenge and injustice.
Schoolteacher Olivia Bradshaw can’t remember what happened that horrific night, but it’s easy to see the effect it’s had on those around her. All she wants is for peace to be restored to her beloved hometown, but Deputy Grayson Taylor is on a different mission. He seeks truth and justice, and he’ll do whatever it takes to find both for Olivia.
Lines will be crossed.
Secrets revealed.
Can justice prevail, or will the citizens of Harmony Falls succumb to the corruption and hate that continues to plague their small town?
K.C. Lynn and K. Langston have teamed up to bring you a story about hate, race, corruption, injustice, and above all, love. A story that may change the way you view the world.

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