Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Love In Rewind by Tali Alexander

Rating: 4 Stars

Title: Love In Rewind

Author: Tali Alexander

Publisher: Tali Alexander Books, Inc.

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Length: 344 pages


Emily has the life every woman dreams of.

At 29, she has two beautiful kids, a live-in nanny, housekeeper, cook, and every imaginable luxury in the posh Upper East Side townhouse she shares with her drop-dead gorgeous husband, Louis Bruel. His company, Bruel Industries, owns a big chunk of New York CIty's most sought-after real estate, and together Emily and Louis embody the perfect hot fairy tale couple for ten happy years of marriage.

But when Louis mysteriously starts pushing Emily away, becoming distant and secretive, she is forced to search for the truth among the lies, scandal and heartbreak of his past that threaten to shatter her world. What she finds out will test the strength of her love and her vows to the man of her dreams.

Can Emily and Louis rewind far enough back to a time when life was simpler and love was all they needed? Follow their story with the help of some of their favorite songs from the 80's to discover just how deep and how far love will go.


Ok, so I was in a book slump and asked for a recommendation from a friend. She recommended this book, so I gave it a try. (Thank you fellow bookie!)

I literally was up reading until 3 am. My blinks were getting long and I was mad that I was falling asleep. 

Louis and Emily. These two don't seem like they should fit together. He's older and has some serious money and in no way shape or form innocent. She comes from a well to do background, and she's an innocent and is very sheltered. I mean sheltered - sheltered. She's such a good girl. 

I love how the author uses 80's songs in the book to reflect on how her and her best friend communicate. I imagine this could be from me growing up listening to these songs, but even if you didn't grow up listening to them you know how they are feeling. 

You literally get see how their love is in rewind. You feel their love for each other, then you get to feel their heartache. My heart was beating in my chest like crazy! Tears were brimming in my eyes. 

The author drew me in, the characters were so real, the kindle was smoking in places, (he has a very dirty mouth) and the way she ended it! I was like seriously? You're gonna do me like that? Killing me! I cannot wait for the next book in this series! You get to meet Sarah  and get to know her in this book. She's Emily's best friend and is crazy funny and has no filter. This book is not a cliffhanger, you'll just want to read the next book, desperately.

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