Sunday, January 11, 2015

NEW RELEASE! The Morrigan: Raven Heart by Adana Presley

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The Morrigan: Raven Heart by Adana Presley

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The battle between Ulster and Connacht has gone on for centuries. The Morrigan is no stranger to Queen Meba and her deceptive schemes. One evening under a twilight battle the Morrigan, goddess of death finds favor in a fiery warrior name Cuhullian. Cuhullian is the demigod of war and greatest warrior of Ulster.

Cuhullian and the Morrigan join forces against Connacht, but Queen Meba is a skilled and conniving woman. Queen Meba pushes the Morrigan and Cuhullian to the brink when their feelings for each other have just began to form. They will each have to fight for their love and the battle will take them into unknowns where lives will be lost.

Find out what happens to the Morrigan and Cuhullian when Queen Meba seeks to destroy everything that they’ve ever loved.

Adapted form the original Irish myth of the Morrigan and Cu Cuhulainn, Adana Presley warps a story about new beginnings and second chances.

*Suitable for those 18+ due to adult language and content. 

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