Friday, January 23, 2015

'Til Death Volume 2 by Bella Jewel

Rating: 5 stars

Title: 'Til Death Volume 2

Author: Bella Jewel

Publisher: Bella Jewel

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Dark

Pages: 152 pages


You know how it went for me.
You know what he did.
You know the fire he left inside my soul when he crushed me into a thousand tiny pieces.
Since Marcus, my life has been a blur of emptiness.
Since Marcus there has been nothing.
I’m alone, my Mom is dwindling and I feel nothing but emptiness. I work long, I work hard, but why? There’s no longer anything to fight for.
I know I have to face him. I know I have to go back. To fix my life, I have to break my ties to him.
Seeing Marcus again will destroy me, but it’s time to finish this.
I don’t expect the bitter, twisted emotions I’ll feel when I see him again, and when I lose everything once more, because of him, the only thing on my mind is revenge.
But how do you hurt someone you still love so deeply?
How can I still care for a monster? How can he still make me feel?
Our story is the most complicated of them all, it’s far from beautiful, it’s far from perfect, it’s just a twisted mess of emotion that neither of us knows how to fix.
But we will fix it. You’ll see.


Wow! I literally had tears and my nose was burning from trying not to cry. This book has it all. The story that will break your heart, you'll get to see the strength that it takes to come back from the deepest part of despair and hatred. You get to see what it takes for a strong man to fall to his knees and then fight for what he wants, what he needs. You get to see what lengths a man in love will do for the woman he loves. 

He becomes the man that he should have been if his family wouldn't have been the way that they were. The family that molded him to what he had become. He was a good man underneath all of that and it took love, despair to bring that out in him. This book will break your heart a few times but it will put it back together again. 

I do not recommend reading this conclusion in public. I'm serious, I literally had to look away from my tablet, sniff, look at the ceiling so that the tears wouldn't roll down my face. I'm not a pretty crier. I loved this book. I read fast, so that I read both of these books fairly quickly. So if you're looking for something quick, steamy, something that will make you feel, put a tear in your eye then I definitely recommend Til Death Vol 1 & 2.

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