Friday, May 1, 2015

Drawn To You, Vol 2 by Vanessa Booke

Rating: 5*

Title: Drawn To You, Vol 2

Author: Vanessa Booke

Publisher: Vanessa Booke

Genre: Romantic Erotica


SummaryYour whole world can change in a single moment. 

A reckless moment where you let go of your inhibitions and you lose control. I pride myself on never losing control, but somehow, I did with her. I let my desire overtake me, and I took a bite of that forbidden fruit that stood in front of me in nothing but a nightie. I fucked my best friend’s little sister, and I regretted it the moment I felt her wrapped around me. Not because it felt bad. No, because, since that moment, nothing has ever felt so right… 

My name is Tristan Knight and I'm not your average New York millionaire. In fact, there's nothing average about me. I was born in the projects, and I lived there up until the day I was adopted. My past is a distant memory of fuck-ups and bad luck. 

The only thing that kept me from ending up like everyone else on the street was the StoneHaven family. When I met them, I was determined to hate them all. They represented everything I didn't have. Power. Wealth. Control. 

At least, that's what I used to think. 

Now, as time goes on, I find myself falling in love with their shattered lives... falling in love with the one thing I can't have. Her. Emily StoneHaven. 

I can never be the knight in shining armor I know she wants, but I've already tasted her—and now, I can't stop this insatiable desire to be everything she needs.


My absolute favorite book of Vanessa's so far! Oh Tristan, you need to get yourself together and figure out what it is you want, how you're going to get it and keep it. Tristan tries to fight the pull that Emily has on him and she tries to fight the feelings she's had for him for what feels like forever. They both struggle to stay away from each other but circumstances bring them together again and again. It gets very hot when they are thrown together and then can't keep away from one another, no matter how hard they try.

I wasn't ready for this book to end!! I'm ready for the next book in this series right now!

Please note: You must read Drawn to You, Volume 1 before reading this book.

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