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Valan's Bondmate by Mardi Maxwell Out Now

(Zarronian Warriors 1)

By Mardi Maxwell


VALAN'S BONDMATE (Zarronian Warriors 1)
A Warrior with a Grudge…
At thirty-one Valan Erikson is a fierce and relentless warrior. He's never lost a battle but he's losing the war with the mating fever raging in his body. He's accepted that his death is imminent until he's told a compatible race of females has been found. When he discovers they're Wrothian he refuses to take one as a mate until the Council threatens to strip him of his warrior status.

A Female Who Wants to Escape Her Fate…
Lia ad-San's sire has arranged to trade her to, Gorm ad-Jai, a man she despises. Before she can escape she's abducted by a fierce warrior. Unaware that her sire caused the deaths of the Zarronian females, including Valan's mother and twin sister, she reveals her identity and demands to be freed.

A Complication They Didn't Expect…
Enraged to be bonded to the daughter of his most hated enemy, Valan treats Lia as a prisoner rather than a beloved bondmate. When the Zarronians learn her identity they demand she be punished for her sire's war crimes. Valan realizes too late that he's endangered his mate's life. The fever they share will keep them together but only love can make them want each other.

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Startled from sleep, Lia was paralyzed with fear. Something, or someone, stood by her bed watching her. She held her breath and listened to the silence around her. Had the sound of a boot scraping against the stone floor woken her or was it only her imagination? She forced herself to remain still as she cracked her eyes open. The garden doors were behind her so she was only able to see the wall next to her bed. Moonlight flooded in from the garden doors, illuminating the gown she’d carelessly pulled off earlier and thrown over the trunk in a fit of rage. Above it, the shadows of the ornamental trees in the garden swayed on the wall. She watched and gasped with terror as another shadow joined them. A man's shadow.
She bolted from the bed but crashed to the floor when her foot tangled in the sheets. As quickly as she fell she rolled on to her stomach and rose to her knees. Before she could get to her feet a callused hand covered her mouth. A muffled scream escaped while a hard arm wrapped around her waist and lifted her. She responded with a burst of energy, kicking and bucking as she tried to break his hold. The heavily muscled arm around her waist tightened and squeezed her back against a hard chest. She dug her fingernails into the hand over her mouth and clawed several deep gouges, drawing a deep, masculine curse from her assailant. He held onto her until her strength gave out. When he turned she saw another man standing by the open garden doors.
The warrior holding her spoke to his companion.
"Cam, do you want this one?"
Lia moaned with fear when she understood his words and the deep vibration of his voice rumbled into her back where it pressed against his chest.
The man called Cam shook his head. "You led us to her, Valan, so she belongs to you."
Lia turned her head and looked up at the warrior holding her. A blue aura glowed from his skin even though he was a dark barbarian with long dark hair and eyes gleaming silver in the moonlight. He caught her looking at him and stared back when he spoke to his friend.
"She’s too small. My woman will have to be bigger to survive what I’ll demand of her."
When she moaned with fear he grinned then looked at his friend and began a debate concerning which one of them would be stuck with her. The grip around her loosened and she took the opportunity to jerk her hand free and dig her nails into his unprotected arm. He cursed when she left a vicious scratch. Instead of releasing her, he tossed her onto the bed and came down on top of her.  A second later he flipped her onto her back grabbing her wrists and shoving them over her head. Before she could scream he covered her mouth with his. She wiggled and kicked but only managed to hurt herself before he forced her legs to the bed and wrapped one of his muscled legs around them. When he released her mouth she screamed. He placed his hand over her mouth again, muffling her rage.
He smiled. "Your eyes are the same blue as the bronze cats in the Zarronian Mountains."
Cam moved closer and peered down at her. She glared at him and he chuckled. "They’re more green than blue."
"Whatever color they are they shine with anger." Valan grinned. "Are you angry little cat?"
Lia wiggled. He growled and began rocking his hips against hers. She narrowed her eyes and screeched in outraged warning then bit the side of his hand. He cursed, squeezing her cheeks until she released him. As she drew in a deep breath to scream he crushed her lips beneath his again, pressing her head deeper into the pillow as he swept her open mouth with his tongue.
She snapped her teeth together but wasn't fast enough to bite the tip of his tongue before he jerked it away.
He locked his eyes with hers. "She's mean, too, but I'll beat it out of her if I have to."
His friend laughed and Lia opened her mouth to scream curses at him but he kissed her again, then drew back and watched her reaction. She drew in a deep breath, and then quickly closed it when he lowered his head toward her again.
He grinned. "Good. I'm pleased you learn quickly. Are you smart enough to admit defeat?"
Admit defeat? To this barbarian who’d been dumb enough to loosen his hold on her wrists? Lightning fast, she jerked them free and aimed for his eyes. He captured one but the other reached its target and left several long scratches from his cheek to his chest. He grunted with pain, then flipped her onto her belly. His weight came down on top of her, crushing her into the mattress. His hand slid into her hair and pushed her face into the soft pillow, effectively muffling her screams. She struggled to raise her head.
He ran his cheek over hers, smearing his blood on her face before he placed his lips against her ear. "Be quiet and I'll let you get a breath."
She nodded her head and he loosened his hold on her hair. Several drops of his blood fell onto the pillow by her face as she took a deep breath. A glint of light caught her attention and she stiffened when his friend held out a strange looking object.
"Here, Valan. Let's get this over with."
Valan took the injection gun, placed it against her neck and compressed the trigger.
Lia fought the drug as it entered her system but quickly lost the battle. Closing her eyes, she relaxed beneath him. The barbarian turned her over.
"Open your eyes, little cat."
She did and his serious expression made her laugh. She framed his face with her hands then stroked her fingers over the tattoos on the sides of his head. "You're going to be sorry." She laughed and he covered her mouth with his hand.
"I already am. Now, be quiet."
His growled order sent her into gales of laughter before her vision darkened and she passed out.


ADULT EXCERPT:Adult Excerpt:

The tears on her cheeks affected him in a way no others' ever had. He wiped them away, sighed, and cuddled her to his chest. The fever in his blood urged him to take her and quench the fire. Now, he'd touched her he'd lose his mind if he didn’t have her.
She cuddled closer and he knew she was as affected by the fever as he was, so he raised her head and lowered his mouth to hers. He nipped then sucked on her lower lip then slid his tongue along the seam of her lips. She opened for him. When he began exploring her mouth with his tongue she tentatively responded, pursuing his tongue and the taste of his mouth. As the kiss went on and her body grew hotter she slid her arms around his shoulders and stroked his head. He groaned into her mouth when she combed her fingers through his hair and down to his shoulders. One kiss followed another and her resistance melted away.
Exploring her body, he followed the curve of her spine from nape to buttocks, then back again. The other swept over her legs and gripped her hip. Everywhere he touched left a trail of fire and a blue mist glowing on her skin. She squirmed against him.  Easing her away, he ignored her squeak of protest when he swept her gown over her head and dropped it to the floor.
He stroked his hand up and down her legs from ankle to thigh, and then fastened on a honey-gold buttock and squeezed. His other hand cupped the back of her head and pulled her mouth to his. Her panting breaths matched his as he combed his fingers through her long hair, arranging it in a fiery cloud around them. He palmed her breast and she pushed against him and moaned when his fingers stroked over her nipples.
Valan kissed a path down her neck. Licking and nipping the tender skin, he slowly moved to a tight coral bud and licked. She shivered and moaned. He closed his lips around her nipple and hungrily suckled. She [MC1] sighed with pleasure and held his mouth against her breast.
Waves of heat rose from her body feeding his fever. He slid his hand down her belly and over her bare mound, enjoying the feel of her smooth satiny flesh. Sliding his fingers between her legs, he nudged them further apart. He groaned, then stroked his finger between her silky folds coating his fingers in her moisture. She widened her legs and rocked against his hand when he stroked her swollen clit.
"Valan, oh, Valan." Her voice soft and full of need.
He sucked on a velvety nipple and slid the tip of one finger into her tight sheath. As he thrust his finger deeper she pulled his mouth away from her breast, and kissed him. Her lips slid over his, nipping them. He opened his mouth and she stroked his tongue with hers as she rocked her hips against his hand.
"So hot. Burning. I need—Valan, help me." She planted frantic kisses on his face and neck, then licked a path to his ear and bit the lobe. "Help me."
Valan thrust a second finger into her. She moaned and arched against him, digging her fingernails into his shoulders as she strained for release.
He grasped one of her hands and slid it down his body. "Touch me."
Lia curled her fingers over him and squeezed his cock through the supple leather of his pants. He groaned and carried her to the bed. She clung to him when he tried to lower her onto the mattress. Setting her on her knees, he undressed while she placed wild kisses over his chest and belly, then he tumbled her onto her back and came down over her. Spreading her legs, he looked at her pussy, and lifted her hips to his mouth and licked her. Her cream coated his tongue, the taste igniting a burning hot flame in his lower belly. Then lowered his mouth to her slit and licked the smooth flesh, swirling his tongue over her clit.
Her breath came in hard pants and her pulse beat in the soft lips he licked. He closed his lips around her clit and sucked. She screamed and grabbed his head holding him against her. He chuckled knowing his lips would vibrate around her clit. She screamed again with pleasure. He gave her one last swipe of his tongue before kissing up her body to her mouth. While kissing her, he slid one arm beneath her shoulders and the other beneath her buttocks holding her tightly. He found her opening with the tip of his shaft and pressed against her, slowly inching into her.
Lia tried to pull away at first then pressed her body toward his. He grasped her hip and held her immobile as he thrust into her, each time going deeper. Her body was tight, but accepted him as if she'd been made for him.
She moaned and looked into his eyes. He pinned her beneath him and held her still as they kissed and he thrust deeper. He caressed the velvety coral tip of one breast. "Wrap your legs around my waist, Lia." [MC1] 

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Author Bio
I love the quirky and the unique. I believe in UFOs, ghosts, and that we have a moon station on the dark side of the moon. lol I have a wonderful son and DIL who have been kind enough (after much badgering and hinting around) to give me three lovely grandchildren. I'm a very young grandma ;-)
I've loved reading since I was a little girl although just about every book I ever read I rewrote in my mind. After a while I decided to just start writing my own books. My best friend dared me to send one in, so I did and to my surprise it was accepted.
I love books that make you laugh, cry, sit on the edge of your chair in fear that the couple won't work it out, and then finally cheer for them when they do. I'm a true believer in a happy ending and won't read a book or watch a movie that ends any other way.
I write every day but I always find time to spend with my family and friends as well as my hobbies (cooking, gardening, traveling, and ceramics).
My personal motto is "Regret is a wasted emotion." Live well and happy reading.

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